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A clogged or backed up toilet can be a nightmare. Not only can you not use it, but you also have a messy situation stinking up your entire house!

A lot of people attempt to fix their toilets themselves. This leads to even bigger disasters; in our experience, this is not something to DIY! Your best chance is to hire a professional service to take care of the disaster.

At Monahan’s Plumbing, we can help you fix any leaks, maintain loose components, install and repair toilets to avoid future plumbing problems. Toilets are used every single day and are flushed multiple times a day. They deserve more attention than most people give them. A lot of people don’t even bother with maintenance until it’s too late—when there’s a nasty flood in their home.

A lot of toilet problems are caused by inadequate drainage systems, poor installation, defective components, or general wear and tear. Most of the time, fixes requires complex repairs—more than what a plumbing snake can achieve. While it might fix the problem temporarily, soon, you’ll be in for an even bigger problem.

Hire Experienced Plumbing Professionals for Your Toilets!

Monahan’s Plumbing team has over 40 years of experience working in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Naples. Our professional technicians are trained to evaluate and identify the problems by checking the issues before starting any repair process. They look for problems such as:

  • Clogged toilets
  • Phantom flushing
  • Constantly running water in the toilet
  • Overflowing toilets
  • Any pools of water accumulating around the toilet or bathroom floor
  • A malfunctioning or blocked flushing system
  • The water level in the toiletbowl is too low or too high
  • Any corrosion or wear and tear in the flushing and plumbing pumps

Our plumbers are trained to identify which of these problems require serious repairs and which can be fixed immediately. They manage repairs with speed and precision to ensure minimum discomfort.

Our emergency toilet repair services are available 24/7. We also offer same day repair service so call us now at (239) 417-8600 for Naples and Marco Island and at (239) 541-9527 for Fort Myers and Cape Coral and we’ll send someone over to your home in no time!