Hello,  In the recent months I have been looking in the news about water quality. That is the water quality at the beach and in the rivers. It seems like it is a never ending battle trying to control the Blue -green algae. While water quality is a major concern, I just cant understand  why people would not put whole house filters on their homes. I myself put a GE whole house filter in my home 18 years ago. I believe it is the most important thing that you can do  for your yourself and your family.

I think it would be a smart thing today to contact a plumber and have a whole house filter installed. Monahan’s Plumbing installs whole house filters that can protect your family from high concentration of Chlorine, and other things in the water we shower in everyday. Most people put reverse osmosis filters in their kitchen thinking that they are protected from the bad things in water. Little do they know that while they shower they are taking the chemicals in water through their skin.

Chlorine,fluoride,Trihalomethanes, salts,radium,aluminum,copper,lead,mercury,cadmium,barium,hormones,nitrates and pesticides. Did you ever think that their was that much stuff in the water you brush your teeth in.

That is why I think it is very smart to start protecting yourself and call your plumber at Monahans Plumbing and get a quote to install a GE whole house filter with coconut carbon. It is a start and a good one. It will help to protect  you and your love ones.