We very rarely think about toilet troubles until the problem involves blockage, which can send us running for the plunger.

A running toilet, you ask?

Nay; not really an issue either.

After all, a running toilet still works, so why would there be any reason to fix it?

But hey, wait; have you ever thought about how much a running toilet can cost you in water bills each month?

Here is an approximation:

If you’re lucky, an additional $70… And If you’re unlucky, a whopping $200!

Are you flushing money down your toilet bowl?

Depending on the extent of the leak, a running toilet can waste an entire gallon of water in just 30 seconds. That’s 4 times more water than a leaky faucet and 25 times more water than a shower leak. Do the math for the month, and you’re looking at water wastage in hundreds of thousands of gallons.

Of course, all this water wastage costs you money; thousand dollars per year on the low side, and nearly triple of that amount on the high side.

So do you have a running toilet problem at your home?

Not sure?

Well, here’s a confirmation test—a pro tip—from our expert Fort Myers plumbers which you can use to check whether your toilet is leaking:

Add a couple of drops of food coloring (you can also use ink) to your toilet tank. Don’t flush; wait for 20–30 minutes. Now check your toilet bowl. Has the water in the bowl changed color? If yes, then you have a running toilet leak.

What causes a running toilet?

A running is toilet is typically caused by either:

  • a faulty floater
  • a faulty flapper seal
  • a leaky fill valve; or
  • a corroded toilet handle

What can you do about your running toilet?

If you have a running toilet, the first thing you need to do is identify the cause of the leak. If the issue is the floater or flapper, then that’s a quick fix, and you should be able to do it yourself without any problems.  However, if there’s something more serious, or you’re just not sure about what the fault is, then you should contact a professional plumber for further assistance.


We hope we were able to help you with what you came here for.

Stay blessed. Stay happy. And don’t ignore your plumbing and toilet leaks.

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