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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any house. It’s where we prepare food, eat delicious meals, and even entertain guests sometimes. But what happens when the garbage disposal starts acting up? When it starts making terrible sounds and stops working completely? Or a pipe or a faucet springs a leak?

Not only does it put a halt to all kitchen activity and deprive you of delicious homecooked meals, but it also puts a crimp in your daily life. The good news is that Monahan’s Plumbing offers a complete menu of professional and effective plumbing solutions for the residents of Fort Myer, Naples, and Cape Coral. Our services include repairing and installing garbage disposals, fixing any leaky faucets or burst pipes, and replacing broken kitchen sinks. We ensure your kitchen can go back to being the center of activities in your home in no time!

Professional installation and garbage disposal repair services

You can tell the garbage disposal needs repair services when it starts getting clogged, emanates stinky smells, or is making horrible grinding and clunking noises. The common reasons for issues with the garbage disposal include:

  • Leaking hoses and seals
  • Worn out impeller
  • Food jammed in the cutter disks
  • A buildup of grease on the moving components
  • Hard to break down food such as large chunks of meat or fibrous pieces of bread
  • A burnt-out motor

At Monahan’s Plumbing, we provide prompt and efficient garbage disposal repairs and have the system running smoothly ASAP! In some cases, it might just need a simple clean-up and reset. In others, it might require a complete replacement of the garbage disposal unit. Whatever the case may be, our professional technicians will provide a complete inspection and evaluation before starting any work.

Monahan’s Plumbing also takes pride in providing affordable services. We will quote a fair price for any repair or installation service and will never ask for any hidden charges at the end of a job. We also offer emergency garbage disposal repair services, which means you can hire our services at any time day or night. Just call our operators at (239) 541-9527 for Fort Myers and Cape Coral or (239) 417-8600 for Naples and Marco Island in Florida. We will help you set up a same-day meeting according to your schedule and convenience!