Show of hands: How many of you have just put hot, searing bacon fat right out of your frying pan down into your kitchen sink?

Do you know what you just did can affect the health of your drains? It can clog pipes, physically damage them, cause sewage backflow and even contaminate the mains drinking water supply—our modern municipal filtration systems can’t remove everything we dump down our kitchen sinks. The right way to get rid of your excess grease, oils and fats is to pour them in a separate container and dispose them off like normal trash.

Just like bacon fat, there are other items that you should be wary of putting down your kitchen sink.


They say eggshells are good for relieving your kitchen sink drain of any odors left behind by food waste. While that’s pretty much debatable—it may or may not depending on what type of food odor we’re talking about—eggshells for certain can get stuck to the walls of the pipes of your kitchen drain and clog them.

Soft foods

These include rice, pasta, potatoes, beans, flour and all those food items that swell with water. They get caught in the drain pipes and can completely obstruct them. Never ever put these down your kitchen sink.

Coffee grounds

Washing used coffee grounds down the kitchen sink is a surefire way to clog your drain pipes. Instead, toss the grounds away with your regular trash, or better yet, use them as fertilizers for your plants.

Fruit peels

You may not dump the peels intentionally but you may do so unintentionally while enjoying your favorite fruit, standing near your kitchen sink. Fruit peels when inside drains can become paste-like and create an obstruction in the pipes.


Oh, we have those loads in the back our medicine cabinet. When they expire, some of us tend to throw them down the kitchen sink. Studies have found everything from birth control pills to antibiotics in drinking water supplies. That’s worrying to be honest.


Many of us dump cigarette butts down the sink. They can immediately clog sinks and might require extensive replacements to address any resulting plumbing issues.

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