Plumbing problems are a source of worry regardless of the time of the year, but these problems are particularly stressful when they act up on one of the year’s biggest holidays, like Thanksgiving. Plumbers are always in high demand during Thanksgiving as countless people face plumbing issues that range from clogged drains to garbage disposal malfunctions.

Dealing with these problems is an unwanted burden that you’d rather do without, but due to the visiting family members in your home, you can’t afford to leave any plumbing issue unattended. In this blog, we’ll look at three plumbing tips to keep in mind this Thanksgiving!

Get your plumbing system checked

Homeowners often make the common mistake of putting off repairs until a problem arises. When it comes to your plumbing system, prevention is certainly better than cure. You probably already know that your home’s plumbing system will be working in overdrive on Thanksgiving, so it’s better to have a professional conduct an inspection and take care of any issues that could lead to a major disaster on Thanksgiving.

By doing this, you give yourself the best chance of having a stress-free holiday, which you can enjoy with your friends and family without the worry of a plumbing emergency.

Wait 15 minutes between showers

Clogged drains are a pain to deal with, but unfortunately, they are unavoidable when you have people frequently taking showers. This problem is amplified when you have guests staying over for Thanksgiving as the items moving through the drains such as hair don’t get enough time to be disposed of. As a rule of thumb, advise guests and other family members to wait at least 15 minutes between showers, so the drains are not overburdened.

Dispose grease correctly

One of the best parts about Thanksgiving is undoubtedly the food. However, more cooking means more grease, and during the rush of preparing delicious meals, people make the mistake of pouring grease down the drain.

Although it seems like grease won’t damage your drain, it can quickly cause a plumbing disaster once it cools, causing blockages. Therefore, it’s essential that you put in a garbage bag and dispose it when taking out the trash.

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